Blogging, Seth Godin, and Doing it Right for Internet Marketing

A few weeks back, Seth Godin, one of the worlds foremost marketing experts blogged about how he does it wrong - relentlessly.  I’ve spent some time thinking about the reasoning behind his short rant about Neil Patel’s blog about how not to blog incorrectly on SEOmoz, and I’ve seen a few good reactions throughout the web such as found here and here.

While I enjoy Seth Godin’s daily blogs about marketing, building relationships and the world in general, I often get a little irritated by his continual use of “motherhood” statements like  ”Be Remarkable”.  While I couldn’t agree more with this statement, there’s an inherent difficulty in the implementation of such a broad manifesto for success.  I also heard him say in an interview that “if your work isn’t interesting  to create content to blog everyday, you should do different work”!  Really?  Sadly, most of our chosen careers and businesses aren’t all that interesting, and developing a blog following can be difficult to do, so we can use the platform for other things, like SEO.

We all work in different verticals, at different levels of internet and social engagement and most small business owners are neither copywriters or internet marketing experts.  When blogging to boost your online presence, doing it right for SEO is extremely important, and I thought Neil’s blog touched on a few really great points about doing it wrong:

In particular:

  • Having a consistent frequency of posts.  At least once a month, I would say that once a week is better.
  • Using the title tags and descriptions to tell both users and the search engines what the page is about.
  • Syndicating through social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook (I like using Networked Blogs for this)
  • Optimizing the URL structure.
  • Linking out:  Someone once told me that it’s terrible to link out – “Keep them on your site”.  My response we that there are 1000′s of valuable resources on the internet, and unless you’re stealing content from others, you can’t possible be the only authority on what you’re talking about.  Link out and keep your readers coming back by providing them with those resources.

Perhaps Seth actually agreed with the post to some extent, which is why he linked to it, and I certainly do agree with him.  If you are truly your industry’s leading authority, you won’t need SEO to get the word out.  But, for the rest of us, it can’t hurt to to it right.

Update:  I came across another reaction to Seth Godin’s blog style from the guys over at Quick Sprout.  A good read and in the end, we all have to determine what’s going to work for us as individuals and based on the time that we have to devote to our online marketing as small business owners.


  1. hugoguzman says:

    Thanks for mentioning my take and I agree with what you’ve stated here. I respect Seth, but I too feel that some of his most recent advice is far from actionable.

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